Program Overview

Whether you just have a desire to film Africa’s fascinating wildlife, or you are aiming for a career in the competitive world of wildlife filmmaking, then this course is for you. Our wildlife filmmaking program is specifically designed to offer a practical introduction into the world of wildlife filmmaking, and the work of camera operators, directors, producers, script-writers and the diverse positions required to produce and broadcast a successful wildlife documentary.


This unique course aims to equip budding filmmakers with the skills, techniques and knowledge required to produce a wildlife documentary. This course will give you a absolutely unique ‘hands-on’ experience geared towards allowing you the opportunity to break into this demanding industry.

Our wildlife filming course is run over 1 month. The first and last weeks are spent conducting pre-production and post-production work. The remaining 10 days are spent in the bush filming your characters and capturing your story.

Come make your own wildlife documentary, from concept to TV screen, under the guidance and direction of passionate and experienced filmmakers. Revel in Africa’s unique environment and wildlife, and experience the highs, lows and challenges that wildlife filmmakers face daily when attempting to bring to life the wonders of Africa’s nature. Walk away with a high quality 5 minute documentary showcasing your ability as a film maker.

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Program Costs:

  • $2, 700 USD

This price includes:

  • Program training and experience 
  • Videocameras & media accessories 
  • Entrance & gates fees 
  • Dorm accommodation 
  • Full catering
  • Local transport 
  • Internet

This price does not include:

  • International transport 
  • Editing computers with Adobe Premier 
  • Bank (3%) or paypal (5%) fees 
  • Laundry 
  • Medical & travel insurance 
  • Weekend excursions 
  • Personal drinks & snacks