Program Overview

Join our research team in the effort of understanding to conserve Africa’s vulnerable wildlife and ecosystems.  Gain first hand wildlife knowledge and experience while learning dangerous game approach methods, how to read animal behavior, bush survival skills, and theoretical training on venomous snakes.mans and the animals.


Work together with researchers on various species of wildlife as they conduct observational and behavioral studies on hippo, buffalo, zebra, white rhino, lion, elephant and more.  Do all of this while staying, at a beautiful rustic bush camp, on the only free roaming big-5 reserve in the fynbos biome. Live the life of researchers in the field as you gain the experience needed for future careers in the wildlife conservation and research industries.

Interns arrive to our rustic base camp located at Schotia Safari’s Game Reserve, South Africa on the first of each month. From day 1 nothing less than a full immersion in the wild Africa is expected. Research and training will start immediately, leaving weekends to explore South Africa. The Wildlife Research Internship integrates two essential parts of the life of a terrestrial researcher: living and working in the real wild Africa, as well as applying different rigorous research approaches to research projects. While living in our field camp, every intern will receive innovative training and inside views to the lifestyle of wildlife researchers including dangerous game approach methods, reading animal behavior, bush survival, tracking and reading animal signs, and more. The goal here is to learn different animal approach methods on foot and by vehicle, focusing on ethics and the safety of both the humans and the animals.

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Program Costs:

  • $3, 000 USD

This price includes:

  • Program training and experience 
  • Dorm accommodation on reserve 
  • Full catering on reserve 
  • Local transport

This price does not include:

  • International transport 
  • Bank (3%) or paypal (5%) fees 
  • Laundry 
  • Medical & travel insurance 
  • Weekend excursions 
  • Personal drinks & snacks 
  • Internet