These rules which apply at the African Campus and on all its programs. Please read through them carefully. It is your responsibility to know of the code of conduct of the African Campus. Your stay and your participation in African Campus and Africa Media programs will be made considerably more enjoyable by your adherence to them. These rules were made to (a); ensure your safety and that of all the other participants in the program and (b) to facilitate the easy running of the Campus in general. Transgression of these rules will be dealt with on a case by case basis; consequences can include (but are not limited to) verbal warning; removal of privileges; and dismissal from your program at the discretion of the program directors. Should it become necessary for you to leave, there will be no refund of your fees.
The directors of African Campus and Africa Media want to ensure your stay here to be beneficial, educational and enjoyable, as much as for the other participants. We all hope you have a very successful stay with us.

1. Always leave the common work and living areas clean and tidy. Don’t leave work notes, laptops or personal possessions in the common areas after use, even if you are coming back in 15 minutes. This will avoid loss and breakage.
2. Do not take linen, including towels, supplied by the hotel to the beach or any other place outside the campus.
3. No candles, no unattended braais (barbeques), no fires, no smoking will be allowed in the rooms, common areas or near buildings of the Campus. Smoking is allowed only in designated areas. Do not tamper with fire alarms.
4. Please do not use extension cords excessively and ensure you have a voltage converter if you’re from a country with a different voltage. Please ensure that all lights and electrical appliances are turned off (not just on standby) when not in use and when leaving the rooms/Campus.
5. There is a strictly NO OVERNIGHT GUEST policy on the African Campus.
6. Please refrain from any sexual activity in public areas of the premises and your individual dorms;
7. Please note that any damage caused to the African Campus utilities, furniture and on any equipment used for the research or media activities will be at your cost. You will be responsible for any actions and activities that occur in your room and it is your responsibility to remind fellow participants of the rules and regulations. Costs of any damages or missing items (including room keys) will be divided equally among roommates unless the individual responsible makes themselves known to the Campus Coordinator.
8. When leaving the premises after 20:00, ensure the gate is locked behind you; bring key or call someone to open for you – do not scale the fence

1. Resting and sleeping are important. Quiet Hours are enforced from 9:00pm to 7:00am Sundays through Thursdays and 11:00pm through 9:00am Friday and Saturday: this includes balconies, yards, garages with open doors, or any other location that can be considered open to the public, and potentially a source of noise.
Any activities normally considered “rowdy” or inappropriate are banned: African Campus reserves the right to define such behaviours and noise levels.
2. Disruptive behaviour is prohibited while on Campus, towards any members of staff or fellow participants within the campus facilities. This includes, but is not limited to, sexual contact, sexual exposure, physical abuse and/or assault, harassment and threats.
3. Consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited on the boats and in the vehicles, and anywhere in excessive quantities. Anyone, whose behaviour suggests the consumption of alcohol prior to participation in activities, will not be allowed to attend, and disciplinary action may be taken.
4. Consuming alcoholic beverages during week days or any other day, with work the next day must be kept to a minimum (max 5 standard drinks) and last drinks have to be before 11:00pm.
5. In order to enforce these rules, participants must be back on campus no later than 10:30 during the week or on nights where there is work the next morning. Should you return back later than 10:30.
6. African Campus staff is available to help participants get settled in South Africa and assist with any questions or concerns participants may have; they are employees of OCEANS and therefore we expect a level of professionalism in the relationship between staff and client. No sexual interactions are permitted, and relationships are subject to disciplinary action should Management feel lines have been crossed.
7. While on Campus or during any African Campus’ or Africa Media sponsored activities, the staff member attending you on the activity is in charge; and you are expected to listen to their direction in order to ensure the safety and productivity of all projects and participants.
8. Possessing or using ANY illegal drug is STRICTLY prohibited, and all staff members of the campus are required to report any suspicion of such illegal activity. In addition to being bound by local laws and methods of prosecution, any violator of African Campus’ NO DRUG policy will be subject to a disciplinary hearing, directors reserve the right to automatically dismiss violators of this offence, with no refunds

Is my program a holiday? The short answer is no. Your primary purpose for being here is to participate in program activities and expand your practical knowledge in your selected field. A keen and willing attitude to work with, whatever the task presented or requested of you, will make your stay enjoyable. Ask questions! We encourage you to ask any questions about anything. We expect some initiative from you. Please do not wait to be asked to do daily duties after they are explained to you. But think before acting; NEVER do anything that you are not sure of, since it could have dangerous and/or destructive effects.

1. Ensure that all doors and windows are secured at all times; keep car gate closed and locked after 20:00
2. Please venture out in groups no smaller than 2 people; never walk alone at night or accept rides back to the campus from strangers;
3. When you are at the campus and out in town, please bear in mind that you are still representing us and your country. Be responsible and respectful when dealing with local citizens, hotel guests and other participants.
4. Do not carry large amounts of cash; utilise the safe for important belongings

Insurance/ Undertakings
I presently have theft/ loss, health and accident insurance in force which is valid in South Africa. Therefore, theft/loss or any medical condition arising during the programme will be paid for by my own insurance policy. I affirm that African Campus, and all its partners, affiliates, employees, and agents will not be liable for any medical payments or other on my behalf. I agree to be restricted and prevented from pursuing any liability claims of whatever nature regarding losses, injuries or illnesses sustained while participating in any of the African Campus or Africa Media programs. However, any and all other non-liability action or claim must be filed and pursued only in South Africa under the laws of the Republic of South Africa, and I consent to the jurisdiction of the Mossel Bay Magistrates court or the George District High court for these purposes

Dangerous activities
I am aware and fully understand that field work at sea or on land, research, scuba diving, cage diving, wildlife interactions and boat activities and all other adventure sports and activities that I may participate in, without exception, are potentially hazardous and dangerous activities, and I am voluntarily participating in these activities with full knowledge of the danger involved and hereby agree and accept any and all risks, including injury and death. I further understand that the working / sea conditions can be uncomfortable and rough at times.

For scuba divers only
I hereby certify that I have completed a diving course organized by a recognized participantational diving association (PADI, CMAS, SSI, etc), and passed both practical and theoretical exams at least for the first scuba diving level (PADI Open Water, CMAS One Star, etc.). I will not pursue any complaint, nor sue, nor pursue any legal settlements against African Campus, Fiona Ayerst, or their employees, agents, and affiliates, and/or against the chartered commercial white shark cage diving company, and their respective permanent and/or temporary staff members.

Excursions and time away from the internship program
I understand that any activity undertaken on my own, whether a night out, a one-day or multiple-day trip, will be at my own risk and responsibility. I understand that for that time, I will temporarily not be part of my respective program and I will inform African Campus staff members of my whereabouts and will provide them with the information of a contact person. I will not pursue any complaint, nor sue, nor pursue any legal settlements against the African Campus, or any of its partners, its directors and families, employees, staff, affiliates or agents, and I accept responsibility for any and all risks, including injury and death while I am not, temporally or permanently, part of the program.

I agree to abide to all the rules and regulations (Code of Conduct) of the African Campus, its partners and associated organisations as contained herein. Not conforming to these rules and regulations could lead me to be expelled from the programme without any further claims or rights toward any fee or refund.

I understand that I have paid a non-refundable deposit in order to hold my place in the program; this is non-refundable; however with more than 3 months notice we can offer to defer your deposit to another month within the same year. Full payment of the program is due 30 days prior to my arrival in South Africa; one month prior to the program’s state date there are no refunds for cancellations. 60 days notice of cancellation will allow for a 50% refund, minus the non-refundable deposit and any associated bank costs. Once in South Africa, there are no refunds for early departures from the program, I am responsible for the full balance of any and all programs for which I have registered to participate.

I understand African Campus has instructed me that there are two options for visa applications. If staying in South Africa for less than 90 days, African Campus is responsible for applying for a Section 11 (2) endorsement letter for my stay. I am responsible for providing African Campus, at least one month prior to my arrival, a copy of my passport and full flight itinerary in order to apply for the endorsement letter Failure to provide African Campus with these documents one month prior to my arrival may lead to my inability to fully participate in the program. If my volunteer period, and/or additional travel extend more than 90 days, it is my responsibility to apply for a volunteer visa through the South African Consulate in my area. African Campus will aid in the processing of this application but are not responsible for its completion. Any issues with entering and or exiting South Africa due to negligence, is my own responsibility and not the responsibility of African Campus, Africa Media or any of their employees, affiliates or agents.

I further agree that no oral representations, statements or inducements apart from the foregoing written agreement have been made. Furthermore, I hereby certify that I am over the age of 18 and I am not under the influence of alcohol or any illegal drugs.



Retention of Participant
Africa Media hereby retains the services of the participant for the duration of the program, but not in any way as an employee, to provide certain media related services for AM in connection with the program including, but not limited to, the creation and development of photographs, videos, ideas, artwork, documents, articles, clips, press releases, concepts, posters, cards, postcards, and improvements (hereafter called media)
Responsibilities of AM

AM agrees to provide training in the form of informal lectures and tutorials on media insofar as it relates to AM specialties of adventure, wildlife and underwater photography and videography; trips and outings to wildlife parks and on the African Campus Research boat; Fiona Ayerst’s boat or any other boats; access to AM clients where relevant and “in the field” experience; basic training in taking photographs and filming; advanced techniques in wildlife photography and filming (including captive animals) and in the photography program wildlife and adventure sports photography and basic underwater photography (unless enrolled in the Mozambique underwater photo program which covers advanced underwater techniques), software use on Adobe products and social media marketing.
Although not guaranteed, AM will also attempt to cover a spectrum of other photographic shoots and media depending on participants requirements. AM will provide outlets for journalism participants in the form of published articles, writing in local and international newspapers, journals and magazines.

Ownership Rights
Except for media that is specifically contracted by a client of AM in a client shoot, all media made by the participant shall be deemed to be his/her sole and exclusive property. All non published journalism content which is created for any clients of AM, will remain the exclusive property of AM to pitch/sell for a period of two years unless otherwise agreed upon. After this term, the participant reserves the right to non-exclusively sell his/her journalism content to publications of his/her choice. If the participant successfully sells their content, there will be no request of remuneration from AM however the participant must credit the work ‘intern name/Africa Media’ where possible and AM must be notified of the publication.

With regard to media gathered for clients – as contained in schedule B hereto which will be drafter before the intern leaves the program -this work is governed by a separate contract with the client or third party and for the purposes of simplicity AM shall be deemed to be the sole and exclusive owner of all right, title, and interest in that media including all copyright and proprietary rights relating thereto. The participant hereby relinquishes all ownership; right, title and interest in the client media listed in Schedule B. He/she will not use this listed media for any purpose whatsoever even after this contract expires, unless pre-recorded between the participant and AM.

AM will receive full usage rights, in any of the media its owners, employees or agents choose unless otherwise specifically agreed and recorded in writing by the owner of AM or its duly appointed agents. Usually AM chooses 5-10 photos from each shoot or outing for from AMWAP interns but reserves the right to request more if the standard of shot is very high and it could be used by AM for any purpose whether foreseeable or not.

Full usage rights means that AM has the right to use the specified media and this includes use, sell, reproduce, re-use, alter, modify, edit or change media as it sees fit and for any purpose. Where possible the participant will be credited with the work but this is not guaranteed as it is not always an option.

It is specifically recorded that this agreement relates to media whether it be recorded on cameras, recording devices, ipods, video cameras, GOPros, phones and/or computers (electronic equipment) owned by AM or whether they are taken on electronic equipment owned by participants.

All work performed by the participant on client visits and all media generated in connection herewith is and shall be considered as work made in the course of the client shoot referred to herein, unless otherwise previously stipulated by AM.

AM and its employees agree that unless otherwise arranged, after 2 weeks of the participant leaving the program it/they will be entitled to delete from the AM computers all media that is owned by the participant and not required to be saved by AM. All media is retained for 2 weeks only to ensure that the participant has his/her work saved safety elsewhere before it is deleted from AM drives. No warning will be furnished to the participant and by signing this he/she acknowledges they must copy and back up their work as soon as they get to their next destination after leaving.

The participant recognises that during the course of his/her work with AM, he/she may have occasion to conceive, create, develop, review, or receive information which is considered by AM to be confidential or proprietary, including know-how, specifications, photos, presentations, annexures, hand-outs, print-outs, cost data, customer and supplier lists, bills, ideas, and/or any other written material referring to same (confidential information), both during the term of the agreement and thereafter. The participant agrees not to publish, sell, duplicate, or transfer this confidential information without the prior written permission of AM Directors.


Copyright and Confidentiality Agreement
I herewith agree and fully understand that no scientific data or information acquired during my staying in South Africa while assisting as intern for African Campus Research and/or for African Campus Research collaborative projects, may be published, duplicated in any form (photocopy, copy, electronic, transfer, etc.), rendered public or used for any personal or academic use without the prior written permission of African Campus Research. Therefore:

1. All data issued to students remains the sole property of African Campus Research
2. The data set issued is for the purpose of an internal project only, and no popular or scientific paper may be published that includes any results, data, or special knowledge that may have arisen due to having access to the field and the released data
3. A standard list of data sets available will be offered to interns, from which they can select the subject that most interests them

I understand that his information has been collected for different research and scientific projects run by African Campus Research and associated organisations. I hereby decline any rights towards any of the data and/or information collected during the internship and staying in South Africa.

I will allow African Campus Research to use, sell and/or publish any photography/ video/ film footage that show me in whole or part for any purpose. There will not be any further arrangements necessary, nor any financial payment and/or contribution from African Campus Research or any other division of African Campus should the picture (motion or still) be published, used, and/or sold for other purposes.

I understand that footage and photographs collected by me can be used commercially if I abide by the following conditions set by African Campus Research. These conditions are: (a) African Campus Research will have right to review any article written in popular media, (b) 50% gross revenue raised by sale of pictures and/or video footage will be donated to African Campus Research, and (c) that written permission for the sale is issued by African Campus Research prior to any sale.

This concludes the terms and conditions for participation in African Campus related programs.